Talking Books

Available in digital, audio, braille, large print.  Talking Books are with the Library of Congress.

  • There are over 125,000 titles and magazines
  • Not a synthetic voice reading
  • It is a free service.
  • This can be temporary or for a lifetime.
  • Textbooks are not available with this program.


BARD Mobile App: 

FREE on all smartphones and kindle.  You must be already a member in order to use the app, then look up the book and download!

Senate Bill 2075 Senate Bill (SB) 2075 requires school districts to notify the parents or guardians of students determined, on the basis of dyslexia screening or reading instrument results to have dyslexia or a related disorder, or to be at risk for dyslexia or other reading difficulties, to have access to the Talking Book Program (TBP) maintained by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The TBP provides students with reading disabilities the ability to borrow audiobooks free of charge, and includes over 100,000 titles, hundreds of which are in Spanish.